STORY: His Plan

Countless times has the Lord given me the answers to questions I thought no one could ever answer... and most times it is when I almost give up on ever finding my way. Amazing.

Last Sunday, when I attended mass at Greenbelt, the priest started his homily with the "Why me?" syndrome of people. When we are chosen for something amazing, or when we are complimented for something good we've done, we usually respond with, "Why me? I wasn't that good, or smart, or talented." We always answer praises by doubting ourselves and the person who gave us recognition (as opposed to how the fishermen responded to Jesus' call to service). In short, false humility. On the flip side, we also have the "Why not me?" syndrome. When someone else is given recognition, we respond with questioning the authority of the chooser. We think to ourselves, "I'm better than her, I'm prettier and smarter and more talented!" It is like we know the right answers, that we are better than the people who makes the decisions. In short, we are mayabang.

It is the same with how we relate to God. We act as though we know what should be done. When we ask things from God like, "Should I forgive my enemies, Lord?" we aren't really asking, we are really whispering, "Lord, I want you to help me make him suffer. I want you to help me teach him a lesson!"  We already have an answer in our head and we just want God to do as we wish. So when God gives us the gift of forgiveness, we don't accept it. We tell God, "No God, I was the one hurt, not you. I will tell you when it's time to forgive." So why did we ask Him in the first place?

How about when we ask for things like wealth or love or happiness and God doesn't give it to us and we see someone else enjoy these things? We are quick tell God, "God I should have had those things! I'm a better servant! He doesn't go to Church or help the needy!" It's like we have a criteria for judging who should get this and that (and God should follow it)!

In short, we always think we know the answers... but we don't. We come up with all these logical explanations as to why we deserve or don't deserve something but end up disappointed when things don't go according to our plan. You know why? Because it isn't our plan to begin with. It is His plan and we should let him call the shots. When he gives us something great, let's say thank you and when he gives us a challenge, let's say I trust you. Let's get rid of the "Why me? " and Why not me?" syndrome. Actually, let's just get rid of the "Why?" syndrome and leave it all up to Him. So when he says forgive that I-don't-want-to-spend-a-day-without-you-even-if-I-still-hate-what-you-did-to-me person, you go out there and forgive that person... even if you can think of a hundred logical reasons not to.

Okay, what are you all looking at me for? I'm not talking about a particular adorable, chinky eyed guy. Where'd you get that from? Sheesh. 

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