STORY: Please Leave

I hate you so much right now.

You've found your spot deep inside me that even when you are not around me, you still are. That I can't find myself enjoying other people's company because I'm constantly thinking of what you may think. That I can't focus on the moment I'm in because I'm too busy thinking of what you would've done if you were right there beside me. That I couldn't even eat my favorite food with gusto because I keep imagining how I would have finished a plate for four with you (and in 10 minutes tops).

But I need to ask you to leave now. Your stay in that spot inside me is now over. You need to find another place to breed in because honestly, I don't want you there anymore. You used to make me grow and flourish, now it just feels you are sucking what nutrients are left of me.

It will be hard to watch you leave, so I guess I'll just have to close my eyes. But please gather all your belongings, lock the door and leave the keys behind.

It will take some getting used to having a vacant spot inside me, but all habits are. In time I can enjoy other people's company, savor exciting moments and maybe finish that plate of yummy roasted pork asado... but that time is still far away, so all I can do right now is work on not hating you for making me love so much.

But even that is hard. I just really, really hate you so much right now.

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