STORY: We All Know This Isn't About A Phone

In a few posts back, I said I was going to post a cheesy entry on Valentine's day. But I guess the wind changes direction very quickly. Before I could even finish composing the thoughts in my head, I get hit unexpectedly and all those thoughts are now questioned. I guess when I prayed for excitement, I should have been more specific.

So now, I will abruptly change the discussion to my Blackberry 9360. You know, 'cause I want to.

When I first got my BB last year, I was hesitant to use it. It looked complex and just too different from the simple phones I've tried. But it was already there, in my hands all shiny and cool, so I decided to give it a try. And just after a few weeks, I couldn't have loved a phone more. It was perfect. Well, for me at least. It had all the things I needed in my life in a form and interface I was comfortable with. The QWERTY keyboard took some getting used to but now, I can't handle a phone that hasn't got one. I was in love with BBM and the ability to send images, videos and files anytime, anywhere for just P99 a month. Also, I get the amazing and securing feeling of knowing that my message was delivered and read. In a span of less than a year, my BB has changed a lot about me, my preferences and my lifestyle (it sounds quite exaggerated but a phone can do that to you, just examine how your habits change when you change your phone). It's like I can't live with any other phone!

But unfortunate events happen and we just have to suck it. One rainy day, I unknowingly dropped my BB into the flood water and only noticed that it was there 3 hours later. I was devastated. Not only was it the most expensive phone I've bought myself, I also had no phone to use! All my contacts were there, my messages, my images, everything! I couldn't retrieve it unless the phone worked. 

I brought the phone to a repair shop a week later. I was nervous as the technician examined the phone. I was afraid he'd say what I was already expecting, "This BB is a goner." More than losing the device, I was more depressed from the thought of losing all its contents. We had history and I wanted to keep those items that would remind me of it. I was afraid of starting over with a new phone. Imagine having to re-complete my contact list! The horror!

Thankfully, the clouds parted that day and the heavens shone a ray of light above me. The technician looked at me and told me it was going to be fine. I just had to use this weird charger since my phone couldn't charge the battery on its own anymore. Actually, I had to do a lot more adjustments with how I handled my BB just so it would survive. I can never let my BB lose charge. If it shuts down, I have to detach the battery and plug it to the wall. So while it charges I can't use the phone. I also can't use the flash anymore. Sometimes it works but most times the phone closes when I use it. The scroll malfunctions sometimes, too. There were a lot of little defects that I had to live with but I was fine making the sacrifices because I loved that BB and I'd rather live with the discomfort than lose it or replace it.

But my phone can only survive the damage for so long. Of course I knew that eventually the damages inside the BB would come out. I knew all along that I should've saved all my contacts, images, etc while I had the chance. I knew my BB already had a definite "life" span and that I should expect its inevitable death. But no, I blindly believed that the damage was completely fixed. That those 3 hours of rain water had no bigger damage than the defects I had learned to live with. So now, I find myself devastated AGAIN, in front of the same technician who can't tell me the same comforting words he did before. He hasn't completely told me that my BB is hopeless, but he can't seem to fix it either. The BB would open then shut down after a few minutes. The technician can't figure out what the problem was but he told me that as long as it still opens, there is still the possibility of reviving the device. My BB is a fighter! 

But I guess my BB is stronger than me. 

I held on to the technician's words. He said there was a chance to fix it, so I let the technician do what he could. I left my BB with him for almost a month now and still no developments. I think I'm finally ready to give up on it ever getting fixed. I mean, I was willing to go back and forth to the technician for all the quick fixes for all the glitches but to have my BB lay there for a month means that the damage may be too severe to hope for it to get better. I gave my BB its best shot and I should give myself the same, too. It's time to move on... with an empty contact list and gallery. 

Right now, I'm scared to buy a new phone. I'm afraid I might pick something that won't work for me and I'd be wasting my money. I'm also afraid I buy the first one I like and find out later there is something better. And the biggest fear I have is that after I look at all the other phones out there, I'd still be looking for my BB. That in the end, there is no better phone. That my Blackberry 9360 was the one for me and I should've never  given up on it. 

But I can't wait forever. I have people to contact, photos to take and memory [cards] to fill.

We all know this isn't about a phone but bear with me here.

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