THEORY: Never Ever (And no, this is not about Taylor Swift)

As a kid, I remember hating grown ups for being grown ups. I would always ask why they had to set rules and question everything. I mean, in my little head, as I stomped my way up the stairs after being scolded for some rule I broke, I would say to myself, "Can't things just be about fun?"

Fast forward to now, I have unconsciously become the person I used to draw Xs on at the back of my writing notebook and the person I swear I will never, ever talk to ever again (Just in case you haven't caught on, I'm talking about the various grown ups in my life back then - mom, dad, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc). Oh, and yes, I used that much evers, even more back then (like Taylor Swift's song actually)

I have questioned everything (Why are you there? Why should you do this?). I have set rules for everything (You should do this before you can do that. And no, you can't wear that with whatever that is). And I even shrug at the idea of things just being for fun (well, except for things that are supposed to be fun, like watching cartoons. Those things are constant. Thank God)

Oh Lord, what do I do myself? I don't think grumbling to myself about myself is very healthy... like never ever.

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