THEORY: Random Rage

WAAAAH. This is a rage post so if you don't want any bad vibes, leave now.

There are just so many things I want to change. And it's not simple things like the channel or volume or thermostat, it's people's thinking. I'm going to sound like a control freak or a dictator or self righteous but I just have to get these frustrations out or I'll explode!

I'll just list down the thoughts randomly because I'm too frustrated to list it by importance.

  1. You do not need to check what is inside the pants of person to know if that person can and should wash the dishes, do the laundry or clean the house. Why, do you use your "private area" to scrub the clothes or sweep the floor? Unless you do, then don't the hell tell me to wash the dishes because I'm a girl and you can't because you are a boy. And if you still dare tell me to do that, I'll let you use your "thing" to hammer that nail because only men do that. Prove it, mister.
  2. Going abroad is not the BEST way to a better life. But before I begin, what is "better life" anyway? If it is directly proportionate to the amount of money in your bank account, then maybe, just maybe, going abroad is your ticket to this "better" life. But if you are like me who factors in family, friends, self-actualization, then going abroad definitely won't guarantee you anything. And as much as I understand why people cling to being OFWs, I hope people won't get mad at those who would choose not to be one. I am not against those who choose to be OFWs, I am against people pressuring the poor to leave their loved ones when they do not want to. So many times have I heard people lecture the poor on how they have no heart for not going abroad and making a living for their families. How they are stupid and unhelpful and selfish for not leaving. People who choose to stay and sacrifice working just as hard, if not harder than those abroad, but with far less pay than those in other countries are as much heroes as OFWs. This is getting really long and I'm too frustrated to try to be patient in explaining this. Bahala na if you understood the point or not.
  3. Bad drivers do not equate to women drivers. Bad drivers are bad drivers. I swear, I want to run over the next person who equates bad driving skills with the driver's gender. There are more stupid male drivers (hello, jeepney drivers?) but I don't hear people say, "Ang panget magmaneho, lalaki siguro" because it sounds stupid. Well, saying the same thing about women drivers is just, if not more, stupid.
  4. Do not tell people what will make them happy. I blogged most of it here, so just scroll over there. 
  5. There is a lot more... let me get back to this list after I'm done watching TV.

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