STORY: Bad Andy

I have been very bad. And I have been doing bad things intentionally. I am quite amazed at how fun and difficult it is to be bad... since, you know, I've been "technically" good my entire life. Everything is so complicated but excitingly new!

I have never done anything illegal (and I use this term to refer to both those according to law and according to my parents, school, society, etc) so I never knew how it felt to be a "criminal." But last night, I was laughing at how wrong everything I was doing was. I was giggling! Yes, giggling with matching twinkly eyes. I kept saying out loud how no one would ever believe that I was doing what I was doing because it was so out of character! And I just couldn't stop laughing! Imagine, a regular person would have been shaking and sweating and just panicking but I was laughing like crazy and wasn't thinking of tomorrow or the next hour, even! I was so pumped up! All the adrenaline was rushing through my veins and I felt like I was the new poster girl for Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Gone Bad" song. 

But honestly, what I did wasn't technically the most bad ass thing I could've done. Actually, I think most people will actually laugh at me for thinking I was so bad for what I did. But whatever, by my standards, I was already shaking hands with the devil and I was laughing as I did!

On normal days, I would be so scared of myself right now... but it appears I am not normal today. Actually, what's starting to scare me now is that this may be my new normal! Because if I did it once, I can definitely do it again... actually I want to do it again! And you know what happens if you keep doing things... it loses it's spark and you try to escalate things. And who knows... soon enough people won't be laughing at my idea of bad anymore.

Oh my, I think I'm going back to goody Andy again. So I'll just stop now and savor this bad girl thing I've got going... albeit internally. 

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