STORY: Poetic Pain

I've been trying to be poetic about my feelings these past few days, with the hope that with every word I type in, a little bit of the pain goes away. But this coping method has failed me so far. The only thing this blogging does is formalize my feelings. It just gives me a concrete view of the chaos that is happening inside me. 

To an extent, yes, the blogging has helped me clear a few things. Writing down what I feel and then being able to reread it, makes me look at my feelings from a third person perspective. I can objectively look at my thoughts and analyze how flawed or how painful or how exaggerated some of the things I am going through are. But nothing more. It's like I'm just slapping the truth across my face.

But for those like me who have no other choice, who have no idea what else to do, we just keep doing what we are doing... even if it isn't any help. I mean, I want to talk to someone but I can't muster enough trust or comfort to even begin. Maybe if you get me drunk enough not to care, maybe I can let off some steam in front of another human being instead of my lifeless blog. 

But isn't getting drunk worse than blogging? Yeah, thought so, too. Will stick to blogging then... that is until I get that desperate. 

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