STORY: Tell Me What To Do

My brain seriously needs an on and off switch. I can't stop thinking and it's driving me crazy! One moment my brain tells me I'm happy and I should be reassured that I'm going to be better. But by the next minute, my brain gives me all these negative thoughts... thoughts that make me want to lock myself up in a room and cry... or sometimes, just find the closest living thing and hold it, just to feel that I can still be close to something. 

I'm very scared. I haven't been this terrified about something I can control. I should be able to control my thoughts, right!? But I can't. I'm so scared and I don't know what to do. For the first time in my life, I just want people to tell me what to do. I just want to know what to do next. Tell what I should do, please! I don't want to be sacred anymore. I don't. I really don't.

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