STORY: Forgive Me But I Have To Say This!

Lord, forgive me if I will say things I should't but you know me, I can only keep shut about things for so long.

I do not understand how judging someone by their color, weight or economic status is any different with judging someone by their gender preference. If we see judging someone based on things that do not define whether they are good or bad people as wrong, then why is their gender preference suddenly a big issue? Whether a person loves the opposite sex or the same sex, that person loves all the same... tell me now how that can be a bad thing? Tell me how that difference in gender defines her as good or bad? Tell how that is any different with judging a fat person because she's fat? Pleeeeeaseee. I can not compose sentences with all these frustration over people who can not get the poiiiiiintttt.... HELP ME!

I'm not even sure if I am in position to protest but whatever... I protest in the strongest way possible not with the association of lesbians to any institution but with how this association is presented as a negative. There is nothing wrong with lesbians and I have pondered on being lesbian just to prove a point (but you just can't force things!) And what frustrates me even more is that the people of this institution applaud how the leaders are being so open and gender sensitive when I see this line about how they protest with being associated with lesbians. WHAT?! I mean, fine, they teach gender equality and then protest about lesbians... let them be the contradicting being they are but please, readers, don't applaud them for what they are not!

Controversial Pugad Baboy comic strip by Pol Medina (Run by Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 4, 2013)

Personally, I thought this comic strip was okay until the third box. Okay na e! It is true that it is very hypocritical for a single institution to claim gender sensitivity and be against homosexuality. But to make lesbianism sound like it is a wrong thing... well that is another discussion. 

Now here we see the ultimate contradiction. Actually, no. The letter is pretty straightforward. The school does not want to be associated lesbians. Fine, that's them. What am frustrated about is how so many students (and non-students) post this letter with the caption referring to some sort of gender sensitivity shizz when I do not see any trace of that in this letter! I am so tempted to post their status and tweets but I have to live in this world... I am not Miriam Defensor-Santiago (yet!)

I know that there is friction between what my religion says and what my personal understanding of things are but at the end of the day, I just find peace is deciding based on what is fair and good. 

I just want to make this world a better place the only way I know how... by making equality my daily fight. I hope I win this lifelong battle and one day see a world where being lesbian or gay is no longer a big deal. 

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