STORY: Simple Joys

I can't believe how happy I am this weekend. Actually, add the happiness I feel for being this easy to please... it's a trait I'm proud to have and want to keep.

Anyway, Jose and I's 66th month as a couple falls on a Sunday and we unintentionally had one of the best times together (for me, at least) time to celebrate it. And I say that with all sincerity, which I have to flag right now because you might wonder if this is a joke after I tell you what happened. 

I went with Jose to Ongpin to pick up an item he's going to deliver to his customer the next day. While there, we randomly thought of eating there as well. While we were eating our very late lunch/early dinner in one of Jose's family's go-to chinese places, my heart was already jumping at the realization that we were in a non-mall setting. God knows how many times I asked Jose to mix things up a bit when we go out because our dates have boiled down to a routine. Imagine, we actually ran out of movies to watch! We've watched all the films out in cinemas with the number of times we went out for movie dates! After we ate, we walked a while and headed for his house. I was extra giddy that, again, we were walking in a non-mall hall. 

Chinese food with my huggable Chinese!

When we got to his house, we played a little Xbox and I was ready to faint when he agreed to play Just Dance 4 with me. Jose isn't the type who's comfortable laughing at himself, and I'm fine with that and I accept that about him, but that hasn't stopped me from still trying to make him a little more relaxed with himself. He finds this super annoying and most times I consciously tell myself to stop nagging him after a few times of asking him to join me make a fool of myself, so it was a pleasant surprise to have him agree without much asking this night. We danced to a few songs and ended up catching our breathe as we slumped our sweaty bodies on the couch. 

After a while, Jose had a massage (they regularly have a blind masseuse come over) while I cut his finger nails! Don na don! I always cut his nails for him so it was just funny this time 'coz there was a masseuse with us which made it a little weird. 

But to make up for his Don moment, after Jose guided the masseuse out of the house, I was surprised to have him come back with a tray of rice and adobo for our late night snack. He even had iced tea and water ready. Kinilig naman ako! :) 

Note the single bowl of rice and adobo we shared at midnight! 
It was nearing midnight and my mom was still not on her way to pick me up (my mom and sisters were out that night and they were supposed to pick me up on their way home). Jose's mom asked me to stay the night since we couldn't tell what time my mom would pass by. I texted my mom and she was okay with it. So Jose and I grabbed all the pillows and blankets we could and set up camp in their living room! We pushed the two couches together and wrapped each sofa with blankets. We were like kids with a fort of blankets and pillows! I couldn't remember what time we fell asleep but I knew we were talking and talking until we realized the other was no longer answering! And imagine this, his brother's family came in in the wee hours of the morning and his sister left the house before dawn and they all passed by the living room and we didn't wake up! We must have been dead tired to have not been awakened by all the people passing by! 

In the morning, we were awakened by the helper preparing breakfast. We got up at around 9am and ate some eggs, bread and noodles. After that, I played Just Dance again for my morning "exercise" while Jose started cleaning his car. The Just Sweat mode I picked took me 30 minutes and I was so sore and dripping in sweat that I just turned the thing off and followed Jose to the garage. I helped him clean the car and it was a blast! Jose took charge of soaping the car and he gave me the hose to blast off the soap with water. I ended up, unintentionally, sprinkling him with water each time I directed the hose towards the car. After the fifth splash, Jose started throwing soap foam at me and the rest was just a laugh fest! 

We were both pretty soaked but I didn't have a change of clothes so I just dried myself up. Jose took a shower while I helped his mom chop some vegetables for lunch. After he took a shower, we all had lunch. After lunch, I used Jose's computer to edit my auto-tune video which he annoyingly wasn't supportive of. Hayyy.

I left their house past 2pm and continued to edit my auto tune video at home. I took a shower around 5pm in time for the 6pm mass we will attend. We ate some sinful fastfood, passed by GB for some take out and headed home. 

I can't believe how simple the events that took place were but I really am so happy this night. Guess the best things in life really are free! Happy 66th again, Jose! Of all the monthsaries we prepared for, this impromptu one ended up the best! 

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