STORY: 8 Minutes

It's 6:42 AM and I've had enough internal rants to last me a week. I was grumbling while I fed the dog. I was grunting while I took a shower. I was snarking while I picked out the top I was going to wear today. But thank God for the shuffle feature on iPods. Passenger Seat came on (don't ask why this song, just go with it) and blasted drom my dock and I found myself singing my heart out to the song and forgot to grumble, grunt or snark at any point! I was happy for a moment and told myself this must be blogged. 

Then I grumbled, grunted and snarked again because of the slooooow internet and how my sudden happiness was slowing fading before I could even write about it. You know my blogging is very dependent on my emotions and the words I've already typed in would have sounded so much more gleeful if the internet had loaded this page 10 minutes sooner. 

But there's no use crying over spilled milk (or slow internet) so what is the point of this post, huh? Well, it's to share one of the many "What has Andrea learned today?" moments. Well, for this episode, I learned that I shouldn't let the anticipated stress ruin the moment that is happening right now. Imagine, I ruined my morning because of something that has yet to happen. I love taking my showers. I let myself, well, my mind, loose in those 10-15 minutes. I go to the craziest and happiest places in those few minutes and I threw it away on negativity. 

But again, this is so much easier in theory. It's not an easy task to shut your brain off, or to at least direct it to the thoughts you want to entertain... especially with me, the person who likes to think of everything! 

I just glanced at the time and it's already 6:50am. I have about 10 minutes to finish fixing my bag, put on some eyebrows and dash out the door to face that stress I've been anticipation all morning. Oh, joy! Not.

P.S. Although getting all these feelings out has relieved me of some of the stress so, yay!

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