STORY: Blog Makeover for the Nth Time

I am so happy with how my new layout turned out. The colors are great, the icons are great, the photo sizes are great, too! Actually, I am just really happy that I finally got to do this kind of thing again. I sorely miss spending hours and hours on editing photos, videos, layouts and not stopping until I'm satisfied. I know I'm just talking about a blog here, but when I do these things, editing, blogging, designing, I just feel so happy. I can't put into words this feeling I have now more appropriately than with passion. It's just a different joy when you do things for passion and apparently, all it takes for me to recharge, and rid myself of all these looming bad vibes, is to visit these "passion" activities of mine once in a while. 

It's quite ironic though that these activities that take me hours to complete, causing me to lose sleep over the weekend, the only days I have time to sleep more than 6 hours, are what makes me feel energized and ready to head back to the daily grind. 

Ahhh, I can't concentrate on this post because I just want to stare at my new layout again. Bye.

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