STORY: Fighting the Gen Y Gene

Please read this article before reading the post below:

The post above could not have come along my news feed at a more appropriate time. After all my blog posts ranting about career related stress (Read this, this, this, and this. I rant a lot, don't I?), this article has enlightened me as to why this is so. 

I belong to a generation of self-entitled, shortcut loving, ambitious people. I fully admit that I fit the bill perfectly.... but! Do know that I do not do this consciously. I only realised I was being such when I read through the article. I never thought of my stress as coming from an over ambitious idea of my future and a ridiculous sense of being special. Not that I'm washing my hands of any of the fault here, but we, Gen Y, are raised by our parents to be this way so technically, we are over ambitious and self-entitled by default. But no use pointing fingers now, huh? Moving on...

After reading the article, I reflected on where my problems were coming from and I started to look at myself as an arrogant, impatient and over ambitious 21 year old. I would love to smack myself on the head for feeling bad about where I am at my age and for feeling like I deserved more for what I have to offer. All my rant posts are starting to sound too silly for me to feel sympathy for any of them any more!

It's so crazy that just the other day I was talking about all the things I must achieve by the time I reach 25. In my head, 4 years is enough time for me to reach this ideal level of success. But looking at the charts in the article, I am being delusional! The level of success I want to achieve is not equal to the amount of time I am allotting. I want things to kick start now and reach its peak at too fast a rate. I don't have the skills, the experience or the blood, sweat and tears poured out on anything yet to demand so much from the world! I repeat, this is so crazy of me!

After reading the article, I gained a new perspective on my work life. I now feel ashamed about feeling bad about my current state but at the same time I now feel determined to prove that I can give the work and effort and gain the experience the generation ahead of me had to earn to get the success I want.

Note to self: Patience is a virtue and there is no shortcut to success. Repeat 1000x