STORY: Graduation Getaway

I have a bunch of whiny posts coming up (well, I hope are coming up... because you know, I might not have the time, as usual) but please let me get this one awesome post out of the way first.

Jose finally graduated last August 29 at PICC. I say "finally" not out of annoyance (like when you finally get that food stuck in your teeth since lunch out... uh, ew?) or relief (like when somebody finally says something about the insane number of selfies your narcissist online friend posts) but out of happiness long overdue (like when you finally see two people get married... but mistake no marriages in this story!) I am just really, sincerely, overly happy about Jose reaching this milestone after the long, back and forth, almost stepping off track journey that is college! 

I don't mean to brag or hog the spotlight but I feel that I graduated with him that day. With all the essays, projects, deadlines that we did/met together, I should have a special mention in his diploma! Haha. But seriously, Jose deserved that diploma 100%. He may not have been the most studious student but he stuck with it. While others quit and went on to do other things, and believe me Jose could've done the same thing long back, he didn't. He didn't give up and these days, not giving up on something challenging deserves a gold trophy on its own!

The biggest challenge was to find Jose the perfect gift. I wanted the gift to be something he could keep for a long time, something that would remind him of his special day. But I couldn't think of anything! The only thing I could think of, that he would want as well ('coz Jose isn't a fan of my sentimental shizz), is an iPad mini, which I could already smack him with with the number of times he has whined about me stopping his uncle from buying him one last January (I say, don't buy things you don't need. Jose had an iPad 3 that time so I thought another iPad would be a waste of money and I told his uncle that... and his uncle believed me! Poof iPad mini for Jose). I didn't want to blow a huge amount of money on something insignificant, so, despite my want to surprise him, I came clean and asked him straight what he wanted. And what we ended up deciding to spend on was something that would last forever --- experience. Wonder why I didn't think of that myself! I gifted him, well, us, with a well deserved 3-day vacation. He might not be able to carry it around but he'd definitely keep it with him for the longest time. 

We left Manila on Friday, Aug 30, the day after graduation. We were off to a late start since Jose had to run some errands in the morning. We started the trip at 10am and did a stop at Tagaytay for groceries. At around 2pm, we took a quick stop by the mountains to take a photo. Our 4 hour journey was about to end... hello, relaxation and goodbye dizzying curves! There were so many sharp turns that Jose had a blast trying to make me throw up!

When we saw the signage of the place, I knew that we weren't prepared for this vacation. The place was waaaaaay fancier than I expected. I thought we would be booked in a hotel by the beach with a few other hotels around, you know, similar to Boracay. But, no! We were booked in a hotel with a private beach and clubhouse with awesome pools! 

When we got back from vacation and told people how surprised we were about the swanky clubs at Pico de Loro, they just laughed at us. Apparently, everyone on earth knew Pico De Loro was a fancy, for-members-only, beach and country club and the rich of the rich go to this place (and I mean people with yachts and all!) except us! We should have done our research before hand. We just booked the most decent hotel for the price we can afford and didn't click any further. But no regrets. We got to play rich kids for 3 days, which was awesome!

The place was too quiet for me, though. I wouldn't go back a second time but I suggest you take a vacation here if you're the type who likes to lounge by the beach all day reading a book. But the place did have some activities for the guests though (just not as, "lively?" as I would have hoped) so Jose and I just tried to do them all.

After 3 days, Jose and I were relaxed alright. We tried to do all the activities but we still had a lot of time left in our hands. This was the very first vacation at the beach that I found myself just sitting and staring at the sunset from 6pm to 8pm. We had some halo-halo and mais con hielo to go with it but I felt like such an old lady! But I guess this is vacation to some people, lounging around doing nothing. 

I still had fun though and I don't regret spending all the graduation gift fund on this. It was a wonderful experience and it was a first for both of us to stay some place far away, just the two us, for 3 days. You'd think after almost 6 years we would've ran out of new things to do together, but no! After all these years, it's still an adventure with Jose every time and him graduating just makes it so much easier to go on these adventures! 

On the way home, we passed by Caleruega where we had a photo in 2010 and 2011 doing the same pose. We thought of doing the same pose again and keep doing it in the years to come like our little tradition. We're so cute, noh! HAHA :) 


See our size evolution! Jose has been shrinking and I have been growing! Ayayayay. 

I'm so excited for what's ahead for Jose. Right now, we're both clueless as to what that might be, but whatever it is, count on me making a wacky entrance into the picture each time! Happy graduation, love! One less thing I will nag you about! Hihi


Pya Salvanera said...

I'm part of the history! 2011! :))

Andy said...

Yeah! And thank you, Pya!