I am sooooo lazy over the weekends that getting anything done is a miracle! But cut me some slack. The entire week I am basically a machine that times in and out of the house (take note, house! It's like I'm a border at my own home now) at 8am and 11pm respectively. I don't have time to be lazy, to sleep, to watch TV, to mindlessly surf the net for 5 days straight! So it isn't totally unreasonable for me to want to do all those things during the weekends because those are the only days I could. 

But that being the case, I never get any of the things I said I would do done. I have been putting off my salon visit for months and now my hair is a total disaster. The idea that I would be wasting 5 hours of my weekend sitting at a salon versus lying in my sleepwear while watching TV just makes me depressed! I want to get my hair done but I don't want to get out of bed either! I also haven't burned any of the DVDs I said I would and it has been over a month already. I told myself I would reboot my old laptop so it would function faster but before I could, I need to burn all my files, particularly TV shows, first. But surprise, surprise, my laptop has been functioning like a snail for months while the DVDs I bought have been collecting dust on the side (Can I get a pat on the back for actually buying those DVDs? I postponed buying those DVDs for weeks as well!)

But good news though. I am finally starting to burn those DVDs. Unfortunately, burning the DVDs is taking waaaaaaay longer than I hoped and my lazy self is taking over again. I'm just 10% in from burning the FIRST DVD and I'm already thinking of stopping and going back to bed and rolling with my sheets until time for mass at 6pm. 

Please help me get this DVD burning done so I can force myself to go to the salon next weekend! 

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