STORY: Stress is making me more prayerful

Lord, please give me the patience and strength to hang on a little longer. Let me stay for as long as I need to. Don't let me give up and don't let me give in without having anything to fall to. Don't let me abuse the freedom (I think) I have. Don't let the thoughts of possibly quitting and running away from responsibility enter my mind and let those negative thoughts that are already in my mind out.

Lord, help me during this troubling time when the rest of my life feels like it's sitting on my shoulders. The weight is figuratively and literally bringing me down most days and it's a feeling that I don't think I can get used to, nor do I want to get used to. Let the rest of my life know that I don't want it hovering around and reminding me about all the things I need to do at a certain time at a certain place. I can't handle the stress right now and even if I could, I don't want to handle it. 

Lord, it's almost midnight yet again and I will have to savor the next 6 hours of sleep that I can. Let's have this "conversation" again the next time I have 30 minutes of my 8-hour life-out-of-work to spare. Good night. I shall continue praying to you offline now. 

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