It's my birthday! So grateful for the year that has been (and for being able to celebrate that with the people I love) that I had to post the photo from my birthday dinner a few hours ago right away! Photo diary and review to follow :)

STORY: Halloween Photo Diary

It's been a while since I posted a photo heavy post. During the first years of blogging, my posts were heavy on photos of my day but in the recent months, my posts are mostly me typing in drama. Haha! Time for a breather!

THEORY: Gratitude

Last night, when Amanda and I got home from my office Halloween party, I saw an old man and a small child going through the garbage outside our house. I was carrying a huge garbage bag full of toys and treats that Amanda got from the trick-or-treat activity earlier that day that the irony was so obvious you could already tell what happened next (but I'm telling you anyway). Of course, seeing that I had a garbage bag full of treats too many that it could last us the whole year and right in front of me are people who are digging through garbage, there was no more human thing to do but share what abundance I had. 

THEORY: Figuring It Out

"You must face the age of not believing
Doubting ev'rything you ever knew
Until at last you start believing
There's something wonderful...
Truly wonderful in you"

Sometimes, I envy people who got it all figured out. I rarely get puzzled about how people get as wealthy, as smart or as pretty as they are, but I am always very curious as to how those who figured out who they are and what they want to do with their lives got to where they are. And when I say "figured out," I don't necessarily mean wealth, fame and success. I just mean being at peace with oneself with where one is and where one is headed. I mean, is there a crash course to this somewhere? There seems to be one on getting rich, getting famous and getting pretty already! 

STORY: Attraction

I don't know about you, but when a guy does something for me that is out of his character and does so willingly because he knows that somethings is important to you, that's when I'm truly, sincerely, head-over-heels attracted.

Testing, testing

So I downloades this app, Blogaway and I'm hoping it helps me blog more easily therefore more often.

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THEORY: Miley Mentality

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I don't love my Miley Cyrus but I don't hate her as well. I don't think she's evil, a sl*t/b*tch, or will/can single handedly destroy the world as we know it. No one can ever destroy anything by just being themselves. Ever. Miley can be whoever she wants and it wouldn't change a thing in my life unless I willingly let it. I know that celebrities, to some extent, dictate culture but the blame for this "culture" is as much the responsibility of the celebrity as the people who embrace it. This kind of mentality, finding who to blame for the wrong that is happening in our lives, is just pathetic and very immature. 


I love watching movies. If I would limit the things I would do during my free time to five, it would be writing, drawing, making videos, sleeping and watching TV and movies. I don't want to call myself artsy but I have always been inclined to participate, involve myself in or appreciate others' art. It's just the way I've always been. But despite all that, I am in no way an expert or a credible critic of art. I just say what I know and understand and none of my interpretations are backed up by any academic study of sorts. In short, I've just been winging this "artsy" fascination of mine ever since. 

That said, I'm really very hesitant to make a review of this film I watched recently. It's an entry in the CineFilipino festival and is penned and directed by Mike Alcazaren, the husband of my ever bubbly producer, Ms. Liz. Being that this review is for someone I am within a few degrees of relation, the pressure to give a good, but still honest and genuine review, is just so high! And since I really do not have a credible background in film (just the one class I took on film language and the five years of Cinemalaya marathoning and talks), I'm afraid I might misread some symbols and give such inaccurate interpretations of the film. But as I do with all my own work, I insist that people give me their reviews. No matter how good or bad the reviews I get, it helps me better my craft (if I ever did have one!) and knowing from a very good source (yes, this is you Ms. Liz) that Direk Mike is an artist to its truest sense, I know he would welcome criticism the same way. 

Now on to the movie...