STORY: Attraction

I don't know about you, but when a guy does something for me that is out of his character and does so willingly because he knows that somethings is important to you, that's when I'm truly, sincerely, head-over-heels attracted.

Jose is a kind, sweet and thoughtful guy but I wouldn't call him a philanthropist of sorts. He loves his family (and me!) but he isn't the type who would go out in the streets and cry for equal rights and world peace (that would be me!).

Most times he would be so puzzled as to why I like to "waste" my time tutoring children I don't know or "killing" an entire Saturday sorting clothes I won't be using. I would explain this to him with all the ways I could put it, but still he finds it silly. He's very cynical about the world, always thinking that people will have evil intentions and that I might be abused for my kindness (yes, I am kind). That maybe all these "help" I'm giving is just some way to manipulate naive people like to me to do something to benefit some evil, corrupt government official (Seriously, I don't know how he does it, but every time we argue, he always manages to link every single thing to some corrupt government official!) I, on the other hand, think extremely otherwise. I'd like to assume everyone is pure at heart unless they show otherwise. I'd like to do whatever I can to help others and if they choose to use what I gave them for evil, then that is just a disappointment... but that won't stop me from assuming the best anyway.

Anyway, last Saturday, Jose was just supposed to drop me off at this sorting activity I have scheduled for the entire Saturday. I've been doing this for a few days already and he would just drop me off and pick me up. He doesn't talk me out of it because he knows that would be pointless but he isn't very enthusiastic about it. BUT yesterday, after helping me tape a few posters up, he found himself tying sack after sack and dragging each one to and from the designated piles. Fast forward to five hours later, he was sweating and tired but he was still there.

I was sitting on the floor the entire time working on the labels for each sack and every time I would look up and see that he was still there, I seriously smiled the biggest of smiles at him. But of course, since he is also allergic to anything mushy in public, he brushes my googoo eyes off. But I know, deep inside, he was feeling really good about himself for staying and doing something for others and for making me very, very happy. :)

For those five hours, I don't think I could've been more attracted to him than I already was. (Okay, mushy again! bye)

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