STORY: Halloween Photo Diary

It's been a while since I posted a photo heavy post. During the first years of blogging, my posts were heavy on photos of my day but in the recent months, my posts are mostly me typing in drama. Haha! Time for a breather!

I taped each of those black strips one by one to the ceiling until 11 at night - all for the love of Halloween! A lot of thanks to the kuyas who helped cut the bats! See what some cheap crepe paper can do with a little imagination?

 Ms. Edel had the Kuyas create these little fences to keep the kids out when they went around for trick or treatin'!
 I I asked everyone to give me their photo so I could personalize the bats. Can you spot me?
 Each of the departments decorated their areas, too. Only got to snap Black Pencil's "Monsters Under the Bed" set up.
 Look at all those children! Can't imagine trying to facilitate them. Good job to the hosts!

Amanda won best costume (yay!) and she won, Php1,500 worth of gift certificates at Toys R Us!
We had the toy she chose gift wrapped, well, because everything is better wrapped! While we waited for the wrapping, we had dinner at Pancake House with Jose

I could tell she was very happy with her day. A toy shopping spree? Tons of sweets? and two pieces of fried chicken? Who wouldn't be!
While she scoured the toy store aisles, I got myself this. The only problem is to get people to play with me!
Just before she tears it open!
That was a very nice Halloween celebration now, huh? For the real halloween, I can hog all the attention to my birthday then! Not that I'd want that, but... yeah.

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