THEORY: Miley Mentality

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I don't love my Miley Cyrus but I don't hate her as well. I don't think she's evil, a sl*t/b*tch, or will/can single handedly destroy the world as we know it. No one can ever destroy anything by just being themselves. Ever. Miley can be whoever she wants and it wouldn't change a thing in my life unless I willingly let it. I know that celebrities, to some extent, dictate culture but the blame for this "culture" is as much the responsibility of the celebrity as the people who embrace it. This kind of mentality, finding who to blame for the wrong that is happening in our lives, is just pathetic and very immature. 

Anyway, I'm not about to defend Miley's behaviour nor will I condemn any of it. I actually just wanted to say that no one should do either. 

I don't think anyone should defend Miley's actions. She doesn't owe anyone reasons for being who she is. She shouldn't try to mask her real intentions just to be "acceptable" to society. But who can blame her? In this world, we are judged as much on our intentions as our actions themselves. Say, a murder is justified when it is done by a raging father whose daughter has been raped (Okay, that was really morbid, but you get it) So if Miley goes about explaining her nudity as a way to talk about her going bare with her feelings, some people would nod and say "She's a brilliant, artistic girl!" But to me, if she just really wanted to embrace her person, her body, then she should have just said that. But again, this is ideal. If she did tell the truth, she'd be tied to the post in the plaza and burned alive like some prostitute who doesn't deserve to live.

But again, who are we to decide who deserves life or not? 

I don't think anyone should condemn Miley's actions. Each person has their own set of right and wrong and no one should ever force their ideals down someone else's throats. I'm not saying you can't feel the way you feel towards Miley, I'm just saying you can't tell me that Miley is wrong. She, you, and me will decide on "wrong" differently and it is just unfair to label her something based on your personal criteria. Everyone has been labeling Miley Cyrus this and that and everyone is just either for her or against her. In my head, we should be neither. We should think of whether we like her or not and live with that without forcing anyone else to be like us. No teams, no tying anyone at stake, just personal opinions and respect and acknowledgement that others will have theirs, too.

I actually wrote this post after I watched this video of Miley Cyrus singing with Jimmy Fallon. As I watched, I realized that she is just a girl who likes what she does and that everybody has just made it their mission to tell her what she should and shouldn't be. Miley's case is just a magnified version but it's sad that this is how we are, even towards our friends, family and co-workers. I read a quote somewhere that says, "We don't judge people as they are, we judge them as we are" and I felt that aptly explains everything I just rambled on about (Sorry, I just typed everything here as it came to my head. Didn't even try to compose my thoughts first!) We judge people on how close or how far they are from ourselves versus judging them against an objective, universal scale of good and bad (which, if you think of it, doesn't include the way you dress or how often you like to put your tongue out)

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Lizanne Alcazaren said...

That Wrecking Ball song of hers is actually growing on me. And if it had anything to do with her break-up. I thought it was one badass way to get Liam's attention (or not).

What I really loved about this article was how you were able to give your solid opinion without being righteous or going the other extreme of being too "nice". Honest commentary. You do that well, Andy!

Hey! I'm no fan myself, but here's to Miley!