THEORY: Fireworks

On the way home from Tarlac last Saturday night, we saw fireworks about a few kilometers away. It was already very late so the road was very dark and the sky was pitch black (yes, our high ways do not have light posts!) so the fireworks stood out with all its sparkles and colors...

BUT, it was so puny against the vast black sky. 

THEORY: Cheers to 22!

Turning 22 wasn't such a big deal... and I don't mean that in a bad way. 

I think 22 is the age when you stop looking back at your life in years and start looking back in chapters. It no longer feels like every year is independent of each other, like each year is a new chance to reinvent yourself (as in my case). Rather, it feels like a year is not long enough to fulfil the things you set out to do for yourself so you clump three, four, ten years together and count it as one. 

THEORY: Passion Finder

From all the lists I've read on various blogs about what twenty-somethings should do with their lives, one thing keeps recurring - find what you love and go for it. It's like we are all being programmed to just throw our cares out the window and live for the moment. We are told that our lives shouldn't be spent living out the boring, predetermined life path society of yesteryears taught our parents. We are told not to waste a single minute not doing the things we are most passionate about. And we believe all these movie-worthy plot lines like we choose to believe Zac Efron is mere mortal (no, he is not!). But as expected, we end up frustrated because like all things in life, this go-after-your-passion mentality is easier said than done

But besides all the external factors stopping us from going after what we love, what makes this idea of a life of passion more difficult is our internal battles. What if my passion isn't passionate about me? What if wanting something so bad does not make me any better at it? What if I go after what I love, risking all my comfort zone, and still end up unhappy? What then?

I want to go after the things I want, really. But I'm scared, insecure, confused and doubtful. I have so many negative feelings over taking one step towards what I think is my passion that I'm starting to doubt whether any of this "suffering" is worth it. But then, I realize that I'm more afraid of regret than rejection. More terrified of living a boring, unfruitful life than one with very extreme lows but extreme ups as well. 

Lord, as always, I lift my questions, my confusions and my struggles up to you so tonight, I can sleep with peace and wake up with new hope that tomorrow will be better than today. 

STORY: Overdrive

On the day of my birthday, Jose's gift to me was to bring me to the one place I could only drag him to on my birthday - Tagaytay's ukay ukay! I had such a blast going through racks and racks of clothes even if I had to drag Jose from one store to another. It was very kind of him to try and contain his annoyance (although I could still feel it! Haha)

STORY: Movie Stars Cafe [Review]

It's been a while since I've done a review. Usually, I just make one when a place or thing is really, really good or really, really bad. In this case, it's bad. 

I celebrated my birthday at Movie Stars Cafe just yesterday and it was a total bust. The disaster started when I decided to buy vouchers online. The deal clearly states that the original price is P1,000+ and that I was just going to pay P599 for it. I thought,"Sweet!" but it was actually very, very bitter. I would later find out that the buffet really costs P599 so I actually did not save on anything! And to think I just bought the deal because I thought I was getting it for a bargain. I could have gotten another deal for a just few more hundred  pesos and would get far better food at a better ambiance! 

STORY: I'm Feeling 22!

It's my second year as a working gal and I'm still as excited as the first time to treat my family out. Like the first time, I really thought of where I was going to bring my family to. I wanted it to be some place new and exciting while making sure it serves the kind of food my family would enjoy. And from all the photos and reviews of people, I thought Movie Stars Cafe fit the bill perfectly!