STORY: I'm Feeling 22!

It's my second year as a working gal and I'm still as excited as the first time to treat my family out. Like the first time, I really thought of where I was going to bring my family to. I wanted it to be some place new and exciting while making sure it serves the kind of food my family would enjoy. And from all the photos and reviews of people, I thought Movie Stars Cafe fit the bill perfectly!

I will set a separate post for my detailed review of the place because it isn't as pretty as I hoped it would be (yes, was quite disappointed! Huhu). I don't want my birthday post to be anything but positive... so, here we go! 
I had reservations for Oct 30th at 10pm since the place wasn't accepting reservations for the 31st because they were having a Halloween activity that day. I was fine with it since I was on leave the day of my actual birthday so we could stay until midnight to greet my birthday all together on the 30th. 

I came from work that day so my family and I came separately. The place wasn't very hard to find since it was along the "Buffet Strip" (I shall baptize that street as such) right next to Vikings. That and it was shining a mile a way... tons of lights from the outside alone!

The entrance was promising so I was already very excited to see the rest of it. It was like a mini exhibit filled with frame photos of celebrities from different eras. Noticed that some of them were signed but I just assumed they were fake. 
When I got there, my family was already seated at a corner near the front of the stage. We took a few photos before got to dig into the buffet because we got settled in just as the first show started! 
I was feeling very excited after that first show since I was anticipating an exciting night filled with song, dance and all sorts of entertainment. There was a show every 30 minutes and each show would last about 10 minutes. After the first show ended, we headed to the buffet. 

This is where the disappointing part starts. I didn't know that the 10pm buffet was just "pulutan" food. There was rice and all but most of the dishes were partners for the unlimited draft beer they offered. When I found out that there was no "design you own burger" and "steaks" (which I read online!) I just tried to make the most of what was there. The sisig was soooooo good though. It was so crunchy and just the right amount of salty! So, pwede na din. 

 My family eats almost everything anyway so everyone went back for a bunch of rounds even if the selection was very limited.
 My sisters seemed to enjoy all the shows though. I was fairly amused with the first two to three shows but by the fourth and fifth show, the dancers were becoming more irritating than entertaining. They would go off stage and mingle with the guests at random points of the song and would leave the other dancers on stage looking lost and without any energy. There were even points when I couldn't tell if the performance was over or not because some dancers would freestyle on stage while the other dancers would walk around all over the place taking photos with the more rowdy tables. 
The crowd wasn't what I expected it to be either. The vibe was very different from other buffets I've been to. There were noisy tables and not the nice or funny kind. It was the annoying, not classy kind (well, to be fair, I'm just talking about one particular table but the performers were like them as well) By the third performance, I was trying my best not to mind the disinterested performers and focused my attention to the few professional ones.
 It was a good thing there was a lot to take photos of. At one point, after our 3rd round of plates, we went around and took photos of all the displays. My favorite would be the giant King Kong outside the restaurant.
 It was very sweet of Enzo to tell the place it was my birthday. After the fifth and final show, the performers all gathered around me and sang happy birthday. The embarrassing part though was that the person with the mic kept announcing my full name! As in, with my surname and all! Waaah. It's sad though that no one was able to get a good shot of me with my slice of cake and candle. Hay, forever the photographer never the photographed. 
And on that note, my sister Alle has benefited the most from my photography skillzzzz. She has more pretty photos than me! But again, to be fair, she is more than willing to take photos of me as well. And she's also very eager to learn how to take good photographs.
So that's my 22nd birthday for you! I know this is totally expected of me, but since you expected it anyway, here's Taylor Swift's anthem for all of us '91 babies - 22!

Shall write a THEORY post on being 22 separately as well. :) Hope you could read that, too

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Pya Salvanera said...

No Design your burgers at 10-2. I got the chance to dine at 6-9, and the burger was somehow promising. The only good performance I had watched was Lion King. The rest were just "eh"..