STORY: Movie Stars Cafe [Review]

It's been a while since I've done a review. Usually, I just make one when a place or thing is really, really good or really, really bad. In this case, it's bad. 

I celebrated my birthday at Movie Stars Cafe just yesterday and it was a total bust. The disaster started when I decided to buy vouchers online. The deal clearly states that the original price is P1,000+ and that I was just going to pay P599 for it. I thought,"Sweet!" but it was actually very, very bitter. I would later find out that the buffet really costs P599 so I actually did not save on anything! And to think I just bought the deal because I thought I was getting it for a bargain. I could have gotten another deal for a just few more hundred  pesos and would get far better food at a better ambiance! 

I also got interested in the deal because there was a lot of food listed. I know that the fine print says that the buffet changes daily but the buffet should at least serve an alternative for each of the dish and not have less than what was listed. 
I also didn't know that they would only serve unlimited draft beer. I thought cocktails were included but those came at ala carte prices. And though the servers were kind, you'd have a really hard time getting a refill because you'd have to call them each time (versus Vikings where they have a vendo machine where you can get as much as you want and as often)
I was really looking forward to the design-your-own-burger and the steaks but ended up stuffing myself with sisig (which was the saving grace of the place). It was even more disappointing that I got my family pumped up about the burgers and sausages just to have them eat some mediocre roast chicken and cold, deep fried random vegetables. To be fair, the servers there did say that the Dino buffet (6-9pm) was the one that nserved that but the deal still had a lot of items they didn't serve. I didn't see any tempura, karaage or cheese sticks at all!
I tried to distract them with the performances instead (which is the number 1 reason I wanted to see the place anyway) but even those weren't very good. The first two performances were okay, just enough to get me excited for the next performance but by the third one, the performers would just stop performing about 70% into the song. I was so confused as to whether the performance was over or not. Some dancers would go off stage and mingle with the customers (which is perfectly okay) but they would leave the rest of the dancers on stage looking clueless and without energy. It's like the dancers just do whatever they want! At one point, they were just freestyling on stage like they were in some club! And we, the audience, would just watch them grind each other and wonder if this was still part of the show! 
Also, part of the online deal was either a free shirt or bag but when we got there, they only had bags! They were asking if it was okay with us but then when we asked what other choice we had than the bag, they said there was none! So now we have seven identical bags from this place I don't want to remember (which is you think of it is better than a shirt after all). 

I know I'm making the place sound really bad by not mentioning any of the good parts but you can read those parts here. Anyway, safe to say I won't have a round two at this place. Too bad!

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