STORY: Overdrive

On the day of my birthday, Jose's gift to me was to bring me to the one place I could only drag him to on my birthday - Tagaytay's ukay ukay! I had such a blast going through racks and racks of clothes even if I had to drag Jose from one store to another. It was very kind of him to try and contain his annoyance (although I could still feel it! Haha)

The day wasn't off to a very good start with car problems and all (not the one we were riding!) and us arguing over it but we eventually turned it around. Jose asked me to get the DSLR from the back seat and as I turned my head back, he gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek and everything was rainbows and butterflies again! :)
We made a quick stop at a gas station to withdraw and grab a snack. We got some buko shakes. I got one with corn while Jose got the one with pandan.
 It took us about two hours to get to my favorite ukay place but it was worth the trip! I got a loooot of stuff and total spending was just P800! I was even able to get some stuff for my mom and sisters. Once I have all the clothes washed, I'll blog about those, too!
 On the way home, Jose and I took a quick stop at Starbucks. I was never a fan of Starbucks, well, because I don't drink coffee but I especially enjoyed this one. The vibe was so chill and the breeze was just the perfect amount of cold! I could have sat there longer if only our tummies weren't growling for dinner! 
But when we got out, I saw this nice stair case with really nice lighting and Jose and I spent about 30 minutes snapping away! Totally forgot about our growling tummies! 
But didn't our shots look totally nice? It looks like we were on a set for some High School Musical poster (or is that just me?) Totally worth the 30 minutes of hunger! HAHA
 Look at my boy lollipop so cute in his mustard sweater. :) :* Don't you just want to hug him? (But you can't! Ha! That's for me only! Hihi)

I'm really grateful that Jose didn't grunt once at me for having him take my photos. Thank you Jose for fulfilling my birthday wishes - no complaints at ukay ukay and no grunting when I ask for photos! See, I'm a simple girl to please! :)
 After our impromptu photo sesh, we finally headed out for dinner. We had no idea where to eat so we would just look left and right for some random place to eat. I spotted Vivo Sentosa along the hi-way and asked him if we could eat there. I knew Jose didn't like the place (like he always doesn't like every restaurant I pick! ) but he was nice enough to turn around the car, no questions asked and went back to the random Singapore restaurant I chose.
Actually, I've just been having random cravings for the noodles I ate at Singapore last May (which I still don't know the name of) that every time I see a Singaporean restaurant, I beg Jose to try the noodles with me. I just want to find out a food place here in the metro that gets me as close to those sticky, salty noodles as possible! The closest one I've found so far is in Sentosa, this restaurant in Shangri-la mall. Wanted to try my luck with this new resto.
We ordered some Shabu Shabu (P599 for the set) just to be safe, in case the noodles were bad but lo and behold, the noodles were delicious! I forgot the name of the noodles (It starts with a Y) but it tastes waaaaay better than it looks. I was very hesitant to order it at first (I mean, Chinese bean sauce anyone?) but I'm glad I risked it. The noodles were just the right amount of sticky and the bean sauce was actually pretty good. The texture was great on the tongue and the pieces of pork and cucumber slices tasted great with it.
I'm still on my search for the perfect Singapore noodles but this new one is a great substitute for the meantime. :)

I had an awesome time and I am really grateful I got to spend my birthday (this day and the night before) the way I did. Simple but very personal and to a sense, mature. Yay for 22! :)

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