THEORY: Cheers to 22!

Turning 22 wasn't such a big deal... and I don't mean that in a bad way. 

I think 22 is the age when you stop looking back at your life in years and start looking back in chapters. It no longer feels like every year is independent of each other, like each year is a new chance to reinvent yourself (as in my case). Rather, it feels like a year is not long enough to fulfil the things you set out to do for yourself so you clump three, four, ten years together and count it as one. 

When we were younger, each year we would look forward to new things we were finally entitled to do once we reached a certain age. For example, we looked forward to turning seven because we can finally sit at the big kids table. At ten, we were finally allowed to watch a certain TV show. At 14, we were finally able to go out with our friends to the mall without mom. All the way up to 21, there is always an activity that we are looking forward to finally being able to do and we look back at each of those years as individual milestones. But at 22, we are technically already allowed to do almost anything we wanted so turning a year older doesn't really excite us anymore. So we start to think in longer terms with grander milestones to look forward to - like trips abroad, first car, first home, weddings, etc.

I actually like that I don't think and live by the year anymore. I'm glad that I no longer feel the need to reinvent myself yearly because for the first time in so long, I am actually still happy with this version of me (even if it's been over a year since). I guess this is a sign of maturity, huh? I am more sure of what I want in life that I don't change my mind about it so often. And the same mentality applies with all the other aspects in my life. For example, I no longer change fashion sense so quickly. I can still feel comfortable in clothes I thought were fashionable a year ago. Prior to this year, I would get rid of clothes because I felt that they were no longer my style about a year from date of purchase. 

I like that I don't feel the need to reinvent myself again because it gives me the chance to focus on improving what I already am. In previous years, just as I was mastering the version of myself I was in, I would change it and start from scratch come a new birthday. Now that I've finally settled on a version of myself that I am happy with, I can work on all the rough edges and smoothen it out in time for my next reinvention schedule (which I'm pegging at 25!)

On a completely separate note, I also enjoyed being 22 because of the variety of greetings I received. I am so amazed with how big my network (and how diverse) has become since I turned 21. I got funny, logical, magical, touching and unexpected greetings from people from school, work, near, far, old and young! More than just making you feel flattered with all the kind words, you are also able to reflect on the kind of person you are. You are able to see a pattern in different people's greetings and realize what things about you are consistent and what aren't. And though no one mentioned anything negative (because it's my birthday!), you also read between the lines and reflected on the things you want to improve. 

I don't have much life changing quotes about being 22 because as I said, it isn't a big deal. But that doesn't make me any less excited and determined to make the most of my new year. I vow to become a better version of myself by 23 and to be arms reach from my passion by 25. I guess another great thing about being 22 is being better at setting expectations. I am actually giving myself a 4 year timeline to achieve something when I would have pegged it at  6 months last year! HAHA. Cheers to 22! 

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