THEORY: Fireworks

On the way home from Tarlac last Saturday night, we saw fireworks about a few kilometers away. It was already very late so the road was very dark and the sky was pitch black (yes, our high ways do not have light posts!) so the fireworks stood out with all its sparkles and colors...

BUT, it was so puny against the vast black sky. 

As we drove past the area where the fireworks were coming from, I thought to myself how grandiose the display must have been for the people directly beneath the fireworks. I mean, when I watch fireworks up close, it would appear that the fireworks would reach the top of the world or somewhere close to that. Of course I know this isn't true but when you watch beautiful fireworks, logic is the last thing on your mind. You just feel the magic in that moment that through these fireworks, something so impossibly far away becomes reachable even just for a while. 

But seeing how tiny and insignificant fireworks actually looked made me realize how our "involvement" changes our perception of things. When we are up close and greatly involved in the situation, it feels so grand, overwhelming and beyond what we can handle. But when we step back and detach ourselves from this situation, we realize how tiny and simple things really are. We realize that the things we find so complicated and beyond us are actually very insignificant in the big, blank sky that is life. 

It made me think of the many times I felt my problems were as high as the sky, that no matter how much I try to solve things, I am just not capable of handling the situation. But after I have detached myself from my problems, I realize how big of a deal I made of it because I was looking at it too close.

Sometimes, being too close to the problem just makes us farther away from the solution. Sometimes, taking a step back can actually mean taking a step towards the right direction. And sometimes to enjoy and appreciate the show, the best seats are actually those father away from the grand stage, the blasting speakers, and the bright lights that may blind, deafen and numb us from what is really happening. 

If I learned anything from that passing display of lights, it's that everything isn't always as it seems and sometimes a change in perspective is all we really need. 

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