STORY: Year Ender

It has been a long while since I last blogged. I'm starting to entertain the fear that I might outgrow the habit as I did with Candy magazine reading. But then again, I left and returned to blogging so many times through different sites and forms (yes, I'm counting old school diary writing) that I don't think it is 100% possible.

Anyhoo, it's the time of the year when I make my year ender post (like anyone really cares what happened to my year) and I won't skip that! More than just keeping my habit of blogging alive, it serves as a mini reflection session for me. Since 2011, I have yet to go on a retreat again and though I tell myself that I will do so even after Catholic school days, I am doubtful on the actionability of it. So my year ender post is an okay alternative for now. It's still very personal and it really makes me reflect, understand, learn, laugh and cry and be thankful for everything the Lord has put my way.

I'm going to save the details for my official year ender post but in general, 2013 turned out to be like one of those filler episodes. Something about it just made me feel that I just have to get through the year so I can finally get to the good stuff the following year. I'm hoping my "feeling" is right because I can't take another filler year (like I can't take another filler ep of How I Met Your Mother!)

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