STORY: DIY Fancy Closets

Here it finally is! As promised, here is my first DIY post on my interior design adventures! I can't wait to post more of these so I'm excitedly getting this first one out of the way.

So, what's the target for this post - my ancient looking closets. 
As you can see, they're brown, they're faded and they're not exactly pretty. I just had the rest of the room painted so the "unprettiness" of it stood out intensely. Oh, the plywood in the middle is a new addition. That portion used to be a built in dresser. Since I have a new dresser (below), I had the original dresser converted into another closet.
So, after I cleaned out the surface of dust and other dirt, I placed newspapers on the floor and taped it below the closet doors. After, I poured some matte black paint (my favorite paint color of the moment. It's a cool kind of black that makes everything look cleaner and sleeker!) into my pan and started rolling.
 The entire project actually just required one small can of paint. I just have two in the photo because I finished the left over paint from my project Bedroom first then opened a new one.
I started work after lunch a few Saturdays ago and it took me until 8-9pm to finish painting all the closet doors. It's not as simple as it looks, you know!

First, the closets are very high. I had to use a ladder to paint the upper doors, then go down to push the ladder a little to the left, climb up and roll again. What's even more difficult is that the ladder doesn't have a "table" for my paint and pan so I had to keep going down to roll for some paint and climb up again.

Second, the closets weren't flat. The curvy darker brown design is actually embossed by a few centimeters. This made using the roller extra difficult. After I painted all that the roller can cover, I had to use a small brush to paint all the little nooks and crannies. As you can see in the photo below, there are still small hints of brown around the corners. I had to make sure those were painted over and dried in time for tomorrow's next step.
The next day, Sunday, the black looked great! After I got all the browns covered, I let the paint dry. I actually was too excited for Sunday that I started on the next step around 10pm-midnight of Saturday. I couldn't stick paint tape on all the doors yet so I just worked on the first two doors to dry.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, the next step was to create the pretty white borders for that fancy effect. This step was extra difficult! Putting the paint tape was a challenge on it's own actually. I had to make sure everything was even and having the embossed design was such a challenge! Imagine, I had to make the lines straight despite the curves! The paint tape looks like one straight strip from the photos but those are actually 3-4 cuts per line. I had to follow the shape of the embossed curved design from earlier. I hope you're imagining it 'cause I can't find a better way to describe it!
After all the paint tape was up (finally!), I got to paint the borders. At first it was fun until I discovered the difficulty the curved design would bring (again!). Since the embossed design was curved and well, embossed, the white paint would drip on to the lower level and follow the shape of the curved design. You can't see it from the photos but the blacks around that area are extra thick. I'm not a pro at this and I'm not very patient either... so every time paint would drip, I would cover it with black and end up making the paint gray. I would then wipe the paint and end up scattering the mess some more! Repeat this about 10 times and you could just imagine the frustration and paint splats I went through!
But of course, the determination paid off. After all the "why-did-I-do-this-to-myself" moments and the "you-will-get-this-done" self-motivation, I actually finished it! My sister, Allea actually helped me a lot... so thanks to her for keeping me sane enough to finish this project. We were both exhausted and dirty but we have pretty closets now so yay!


Lizanne Padilla-Alcazaren said...

This is oh so very awesome, Andy! You never cease to amaze!

Andy Rivera said...

Thanks Ms. Liz! :)