THEORY: Friendly Neighborblog

You know what, I've been thinking... I should start posting detailed travel blogs (with itinerary, actual spending) and simple tutorials on my DIY home makeover projects on my blog. I mean, when I travel and when I "renovate," I would usually go online for tips, suggestions and inspirations so, why not pay it forward? I know I'm not an expert on either of the two items, but I guess a little info wouldn't hurt? 

I'm trying to recall some items from my last trips to Laoag and Pico De Loro from 2013 but I'm afraid the info might not be accurate if I jot it down by memory. So I guess I'm going to start my travel entry with my next trip instead. 

For my DIY stuff, I've totally lost count of how much I've spent on my previous projects. I would buy items when I would need them at that instant and I would usually buy items piece by piece! So again, I'll just start documenting and detailing my DIY adventures with my next one (which I'm currently finishing actually - I'm revamping my closets and my curtain thingies --- I don't know what it's called!)

Here's to being a friendly neighborblog to other surfers out there looking for tips, suggestions and inspirations this new year! :) 

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