STORY: Aimee

I am very, very sad. I don't even have enough joy in me to be poetic about it. I'm just sad. 

Aimee's last day in the office is today. It doesn't sound like a big deal to most people, but it is to me. A very big one that I am not sure I can handle it. I've been thinking about this day and how I would feel when it comes but I guess it only really hits when it's already there. 


It feels like I'm at a fork on a path I'm not sure of. How can you decide which road to take if you don't even know where you want to go? At this very moment, I'm inclined to pick one of the two simply because the other one has thorns and rocks in it. Then again, the other road, though without thorns and rocks, is just blank - complete darkness. 

Which do I choosee? The road with visible hurdles that I can plan how to face or the road that shows me nothing which could mean absolute happiness or absolute pain? Do I take the one I am sure will cause me pain but is calculable or the one that gives me the possibility of absolute extremes? 


STORY: Fight or flee?

I don't think I've ever stalled anything longer than I have these past few months. I'm so afraid that the result of my decision will be unfavorable that I've been dodging anything that will bring me close to any sort of confirmation.

This is crazy. I'm running away from the same thing I'm running to. In short, I've been running in circles. I'm trying to buy myself more time so I can decide if it really is time to fight or flee.

Although I'm sensing that more time isn't really helping...but still, I hope I buy myself another week. I feel safer in the dark. I find relief in not knowing, for now.

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STORY: Struggles of a twentysomething woman who drives

This post isn't about driving, well, technically. But the story does start with driving.

I was going through my social feeds this morning, just before I got up to start the day when my mom barged into my room. She started ranting about the car getting bumped this morning and how it's a sign we shouldn't sell it (we've been trying to get the car off our hands for months... although not aggressively, which is sort of an unconscious way of saying we don't really want to sell it). She then followed up and said that it's actually a good thing that we keep the car. I asked why. She said that she's going to enrol my brother in driving school this summer and it's better he practice on a worn out car than a new one.

This is our usual morning routine. Mom would share whatever news she has to me while I get ready in the morning, which I actually welcome since it is my version of the morning news which I hardly get to watch these days. Everything was fine until she added that my brother should've learned to drive years ago. My brother is 20 and I learned to drive at 21. I told her that and asked her what the issue was. She said it's "different" with boys. She said that they should learn earlier on and, in an implied way, that girls don't really need to.

STORY: Travel Diary - CDO, Camiguin, Bukidnon

Here it is! My first detailed travel post in fulfilment of my promise to be a better neighborblogger. It's been a week since the trip (how fast time flies!) so I'm hoping I get all the details, more importantly the prices, correct. I hope that this post helps you enjoy your trip to CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin because there are so many things to do and places to explore in these three provinces. I am actually already looking forward to heading back to Camiguin, soon! Three days just wasn't enough.