STORY: Break out!

Ugh! I hate to rant about superficial stuff like pimples and weight but there are just days that I can't help it! And obviously, today is one of those days. I'm breaking out like crazy! I feel like my face is part of the ring of fire, with volcanoes popping all around forming an ugly circle! And what's worse is that I can actually feel the eruption of each one! Gross, I know!

Add that I'm feeling extra disgusting with all the fat that's becoming more difficult to hide. I keep complaining about how fat I am but to be perfectly honest, I am not really 100% bothered by it. Maybe that's why I never really took any diet seriously. It's because I could still cheat my way around the weight gain by finding the right clothes to hide certain areas. But now that the fat has began to restrict my clothing choices, things just got serious. I'm not a fashionista but I do like dressing up. With my busy schedule, I already had to give up a lot of things - my sketching, my blogging, my artsy projects - so I am not about to give up another thing in my life. I want dressing up in the morning - no matter how stressful it is for me to find a top to match my skirt, or which pair of shoes to wear with the dress I wore last week!

And gobbling up that order of greasy large fries definitely didn't help me at all. Ugh! I can feel something erupting again... excuse me while I take cover! 

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