STORY: Radio

I was never one to listen to radio. I'm a very visual person so I guess the idea of staring blankly didn't appeal to me. So it's no wonder that the most interaction I have with radio would be during drives and only if there was no CD or iPod available.

But tonight, as I tuned it to Papa Jack (don't ask, it's a work thing), I actually "see" the charm of this, dare I say, "ancient" medium. There's something warm and cozy about how laid back listening to the radio is. You have no way of telling what will happen next. There are no visual cues, no body language, no colors to give away what will happen next. So you don't bother and just pause your brain, sit back and listen to whatever plays. You are forced to stay at present and let things come to you as they unfold.

And because you have no idea what will happen next, you get this nice, tingling, surprise feeling in your stomach when just the right song plays at the perfect time. Almost like it's saying something to you.

I want to blabl about radio some more but right now, 1205am after a week of sunrise bedtimes, all I can hear the radio saying is SLEEP. And so I shall. Good mornight!

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