STORY: Lone Traveller

I like travelling. I get so excited just thinking about the new places I'll see and the new things I'll try. Up until the company trip to Japan last weekend, I always get excited about these things with a travel buddy in mind. Be it my family, my friends or my boyfriend. 

I never found anything wrong with wanting to have a constant companion when I travel. However, after jumping from group to group this last trip, I realized learning to be by myself when travelling has its own perks. It actually was kind of fun and I'm thinking of doing it again. To be honest, I think it made my trip even more memorable!

When the company first announced that the whole office will be going to Japan for the annual trip, I wasn't very excited. Other than Disneyland, there was nothing I was looking forward to seeing. So, I just waited and waited for my "default" group to come up with an itinerary, then I would just tag along. When we found out that our flights didn't permit us to be together for the entire trip, I just looked forward to a day at Disney with them. But again, because we had different missions and very limited time, we ended up creating our own itineraries with different people. Well, them at least. I still just waited and waited for someone to tag along with. 

It finally dawned on me, two days before the trip, that I still had no plan. I scrambled for someone to go with to Disney Sea (my only non-negotiable). I found a few groups who were going and it was just a matter of mustering enough courage to ask them if I could tag along. You see, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am not a very social person. Actually, I am terrible with people. I dread it so, so much. But this was Disney and I wasn't going to let the chance pass because of my stupid fear. So, I ended up messaging one of my officemates and asked her if I could join. Thank the heavens she said yes because I wasn't prepared with a response if she would have rejected me. The next hurdle was that the people she was going with are people I haven't really spoken to in the office... and they've been around for months! But I decided to worry about that when I got there. I was so excited I was going to Disney to care. 

Fast forward to the trip, I ended up with an unexpected roommate who I surprisingly talked to and laughed with until 3am. The next day I went around the city with a new group and enjoyed the new places they swept me to. At Disney, I found fellow Disney fanatics in my officemates whom I would just walk pass in the office. On the way home, I realized I had so many memories shared with so many different people that I now have a super long list of conversation starters for elevator rides and pantry waiting time and every awkwardly silent situation I had to endure before. 

I didn't see as much of Japan as I could have if I had planned my trip. But my out-of-character decision to just wing it actually turned out pretty okay. I still saw new places, I still tried new things and most especially, I met (really, really "met") new people (more than I would have in an entire year). And since I missed out on a lot of stuff in Japan, I also got myself a reason to go back.  

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