STORY: Crappy Days

I don't like using the word, "crap" but it's the most fitting one for what I'm feeling now. Everything is just crap. I've actually said the word crap so many times in my head that it actually sounds weird now... anyway, I'm going off topic.
On nights, well mornights like this, I try my best to remind myself of the non-crappy days and to tell myself that this will all be over soon. But like everything in life, it is easier said than done. It is actually so difficult that I'm settling with the counting-to-ten trick to calm myself down. Obviously that didn't work out either so I've resorted to my go-to frustration release outlet - this blog. So far, so good.
Lalalalalalala. Typing enough words until my brain is too tired or distracted to think of my crappy situation. Darn. I just reminded myself again. Might try sleeping this awful feeling away, then. Good night!

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