STORY: Hungry for Hunger Games

When the first Hunger Games movie came out, I only watched it because everyone said it would be the new Harry Potter series. I'm actually not a big fan of Harry Potter but I do know it defined an entire generation during its run. And if what they say about Hunger Games is true, I wanted to catch from the start what will define this new generation of movie goers.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I caught the movie. I thought it was going to be about magical creatures or wizards (because Twilight & HP)  but it wasn't. It was about a future that humans could "actually" face (and this trend did in fact take over the vampire/wizard period). Even more, it was a commentary on so many things we experience today (government, media, gender stereotypes). But even so, I didn't completely fall in love with the film to go as far as fan over it.

Fast forward to Mockingjay Part 1 movie, it finally hit me - I actually really like this series. It is so much more than one of the biggest franchises ever! I need a separate post to talk about all the things I love about the movie... for now, I just want to share that the last movie finally convinced me to read the books. I finished all 3 novels in about 3 days (spread out, of course) and that sealed the deal - I am in love with the entire concept of the Hunger Games, both the books and movies! I am even more in love with Peeta but again, that needs a separate post all together.

Waaah! I love THG so much I've been rewatching the movies over and over these past weeks (twice at the theater!) and I'm already planning on rereading the books! It feels so good to have something new to obsess about!

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