STORY: Rphael

I don't know why, but the moment I laid eyes on Rphael two years ago (has it really been two years!!!), I just fell in love with him. We aren't related (of course, duh) but there was just something about him that made me feel connected to him. In hindsight, maybe because it was he looked like a tiny version of Jose. I guess it was that. But then he started calling me "Tita" and learning all these adorable new things and I fell in love with him for more than just looking like his tito Jose, the love of my life haha.

But then I thought about it and maybe it wasn't really love because I never really had to take care of him or really get tired and frustrated with him. When he cried, his parents or nanny would take him and all that I get to bring with me are the adorable, talcum-scent and squeaky clean moments we had. But that changed today. Today we brought him with us to a family lunch without his parents or nanny and I volunteered to be in-charge of Rphael. Boy have I forgotten how tiring children could be!!!

He kept pointing and nagging to be carried and be brought to dirty places in the area. He wanted to play with things he shouldn't. I had to run after him, carry him, take off and put on his shoes all afternoon. He even refused to eat anything during lunch. He was so high energy the entire afternoon, he was draining me out. I was happy still but I could slowly feel the frustration for not being able to just sit and chill like everyone else. At around 4pm (just about 4 hours since I took care of him counting the restless car ride), Rphael finally tired down, drank his milk and fell asleep. As I watched over him on the couch, I couldn't help but slump down myself. Finally! I could sit and not have to jump back up again. I'm being very exaggerated since Rphael was relatively well-behaved compared to other nanny-duties I've performed before (hello, big sister to three?) but it's been so long since that I think got tired out of lack of practice.

Anyway, as Rphael slept on the couch, looking all fat and cute and angelic, I realized I really do love this kid and I am so excited to see him grow up. I've even gone as far as think of how I could see him if Jose and I ever break up (which I'm counting on never happening, btw). I can already imagine him as our ring bearer. Haha. For now, I'll just enjoy this cute photo of ours and wait for the day I could tell him the story of when I realized I would be his tita for life.

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