STORY: Run away and read

I don't know why I'm yearning to get away from everything when I'm just on my first day back to work from a 5-day holiday. It doesn't make sense. I guess my body has a mind of its own and just can't wrap itself around the idea that vacations are vacations because they have to end.

Anyway, I've been fantasizing all morning about
my next escape. Unlike my usual daydreams filled with adventurous escapades, I find myself wanting to find a spot in a quiet, forgotten and peaceful place where I can be left alone to read my book. It's not that I'm eager to finish the book because I know how it ends already (I'm rereading Catching Fire). I just want to fully immerse myself in the book and enjoy every detail. Be able to stop and stare blankly for as long as I want when a chapter just hits me and be able to speed through the pages without anyone calling me to do something else.

But I'm here at the escalator on the way to my desk. Guess no running away is happening today.

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