THEORY: Eager Beaver

I have a love/hate relationship with new years. 

I hate that I have to scramble to remember where I left things off last year. I hate that I have to relearn the rhythm of my everyday life. I hate that I have to leave holiday mode. I hate the heavy feeling of waking up before 10am on the first day back to work. 

But even with all those things I hate, I can't help but love it still. 

I love how it gives me the feeling of second chances, even if I don't need it. I love how it flushes out everything from last year, the good and the bad. I love that it gives me a fresh start. By the middle or end of the year, it's too late to make any drastic changes to your routine. It's too complicated, with so many strings attached to every part of your life. But come the new year, you can make as many changes as you want without worrying as much. You can change your diet, your fashion choices, your circle of friends, all because everyone else is, too! I love how it gives me hope that the bad things will be good and the good things will be even better. I love how it gives me the feeling of courage and renewal. I love how it makes me reflect on where I am now and makes me think of the future. Come mid-year, everyone is so into their everyday lives that the most that they can plan for is the next day. But with the new year, everyone is well-rested, and with more time than they can allot for sleeping and eating that they are actually forced to reflect. I love it!

Every year though, I don't make any drastic changes (at least on the outside). A lot of my resolutions are internal and more about discovering myself. This year is no different. I want to change/improve a lot of details about how I deal with myself, the things I do, the things I think. For this year, the general plan is to be more productive. Now that I figured out what I want from my journey last year, I want to make full use of all this new information. I know I like to travel. I know I like to read. I know I like events planning. I know I enjoy certain people's company. And this year, I want to allot time to develop or master all these things. These things I like and enjoy and make me feel good about life. 

Just some random things I hope I can start sooner than later. Note that this isn't something I'm forcing myself to do. I hate it when people grumble when they force themselves to do things that are part of their new year's resolution. If something causes more emotional pain than joy, it's not worth it. Personally, I think resolutions are supposed to make our lives better. And better means happier. If it's not doing that, move on. So the items below will be like a guide as to what I think will lead me to a happier life, at least for the next 12 months.

  • Read one new book a month. I'm so happy I've been enjoying reading again. I want to take advantage of it and get as many books in my reading list while the fire is burning high.
  • Eat right. I don't think I will ever be toned or athletic in any way. I also don't wish to be super model thin or lose 100 pounds. I actually just want to feel healthy. This past year, I experience difficulty in breathing more often. Feeling nauseous after meals happens more often, too. I want to learn how to eat right while still enjoying all the flavors the world has to offer. Everything in moderation, I guess.
  • More family time. I want to bond with my siblings before it's too late. I actually want to set a fixed date for it at least once a month. Maybe I should do that ASAP. 
  • More friends time. Same as above bullet. One day a month just for non-family and non-boyfriends. :)
  • Try to be a movie/book critic. I think one of the reasons I've stopped blogging is because the topics I usually think about are too heavy/serious that it requires a lot of effort to put into words. In the past years, I've been increasingly more opinionated about the media I watch. I guess I should put my thoughts in writing. It's a good way to share my thoughts (because Jose has becoming more annoyed by my babbling, especially when I hate the movie sooooo much!) and it's good source of content. 
  • Get serious about events planning. I want to make AR Events a real business. At first I saw it as a passion project, something to release stress (even if it is a stressor on its own. haha). But now, I really want to do it for real. In the long run, I want to be able to do what I love full time. If this thing works out, this may be my future money source. Who knows. But for this year, I just want to a have a "gig" at least once every other month. Fingers crossed!
Waaaaah. I hope I sustain this eager beaver version of me. Can't believe how excited I am to start on all the stuff above. :)

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