THEORY: Choose Your Battles

It absolutely frustrates me that some people use and abuse people around them without care at all! It's like they can't even recognize the evil that they are doing!

It frustrates me more that this situation proves kindness does not always win. That being good and understanding and patient do not guarantee fair treatment or deserved respect.

The worst part is that the abuse does not end with me but extends to the people I love and care for. And since these people I love do not have the heart to say no to someone knocking at their door for help, I just helplessly watch the abuse continue.

But more than frustration for my sucky situation, I feel pity for these abusive people. I pity that they have become so absorbed in their evil ways that they fail to recognize it. Or that they have become so absorbed that they don't even care.

I want to fight them so much but I know better than to fight people I pity.

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