After five long years of blogging under, I have finally packed up and moved on. I literally packed up all my blogs from this site and moved them to Wordpress.

Why am I moving after my beautiful five-year relationship with Blogspot? Well, it's pretty shallow, really. There isn't a good app on my phone for Blogger. Sure I have BlogAway app but the interface isn't very nice. I just want to make blogging easier so that I can keep blogging the moment inspiration hits. With BlogAway, it's just such a hassle that I end up not wanting to blog at all.

Actually, I eventually really made the decision to transfer after I read different posts on comparing Blogger and Wordpress. I read somewhere that Google owns my posts vs Wordpress where I own all my content and that somehow brought back the trauma of my Multiply blog. From the posts I read, Google can choose to shut down blogspot and all my blogs would be gone - which is exactly what happened to my Multiply account! I had years of everyday blogs on there and now they are all gone!!! I seriously blogged every single day! I queued posts when I knew I couldn't blog a certain day... I'm that committed to having a post every day! And now that's all gone and I'm never going to let that happen again!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of downsides to my Wordpress account, too. First, my beautiful blog name was already taken so I had to settle with "" Second, I can't customize the themes and I can't add all my buttons and GIFs. And third, I'd have to pay to be able to do all the customization I can do on Blogger for free! And since my site has an audience of one, I don't think it would be a wise investment.

Anyway, so far so good. The Wordpress app is really nice and I've been blogging almost every day since the move. Here's hoping I finally settle down for good on Wordpress.

Bye, blogger! I really did love you!

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