STORY: Grocery Check Out

Disclaimer: I typed and finished this blog post via the Blogaway app but the stupid app stopped responding and now my long post is gone!!!! I was so inspired to type everything in and now even that inspiration is gone. I am so frustrated now but I'm trying my best to fight it enough to get through retyping the entire thing.

There are some things that can't be captured with words, pictures, or even videos. The emotions and back story built into the people involved in certain moments get lost along the way. Actually, it could just be because I am not as skilled in writing, photography or videography as I need to be to capture said moments. But whatever the case, I still want to try and create a remembrance for certain events. Just like the one tonight.

Before I share what happened, know that the years between Jose and I change what certain things mean, to me at least, versus what a third party would pick up from watching the same situation unfold. The events below seem completely ordinary or unimportant but knowing what I know about Jose and knowing how we are together will change how you imagine everything.

Jose and I were at the grocery, falling in line at the check out counter. We just had a basket of cookies, bath soap, dog food and razors (such a random group of items) so we headed for the 12-or-less-items counter. While I flipped through the magazines on the rack by the counter, the cashier was already scanning the last two to three items of the lady ahead of us. From my peripheral vision, I saw that Jose let the guy behind us cut in line. It was not like Jose at all (If you knew how impatient Jose is, this would be your first thought, too). Jose was the guy who had nightmares of getting stuck in traffic or long lines so I was quite surprised that he just let someone get ahead of us. I asked Jose if the guy was a companion of the lady in front of us, thinking this was why he would let the guy go ahead. Jose then said that it was because the guy had only two items - a bottle of facial wash and a bottle of mouth wash. I found it so nice that Jose did that so I let out an "awwww" like I always do (much to his annoyance). As I did, his resting mad face turned into intentional mad face (Jose always looks mad. I just learned to tell the difference between the resting one and the intentional one).

As we placed our items on the counter, Jose kept trying to conspicuously stop me from expressing my affection (he wasn't very conspicuous, by the way) but I just kept making my "awwwws" more obvious because (1) I find it so adorable how he tries to secretly shut me up and get more annoyed in the process and (2) I'm just really happy when he does random nice things for strangers that I can't help but "awwww" some more (Jose is a nice person ha, just his own kind of nice). A third unofficial reason (it's unofficial because I already know the answer) is actually to see how long he could stay pissed at me when I'm being all cutesy (answer: for as long as I try to be cute. He will never budge, I swear!).

After all the items were placed in paper bags, we walked out towards the parking lot. The rain was pouring hard so we had to wait the rain out in the covered area near the entrance. While waiting, I continued to show my "adoration" over his little act of kindness. I kept nudging his shoulder, squeezing his arm and letting out more "awwws" the entire time. I got so annoying that his intentional mad face turned into serious mad face. It was then I stopped bugging him. I walked to the other side of the covered area and waited for the rain to stop there. A few minutes later, Jose was already standing beside me and asking if I was mad. I wasn't mad but I was too lazy to exert any effort explaining that I wasn't mad so I just went along with it. So he thought I was mad and then he was about to get mad about me being mad... but he noticed the rain. He said that the rain has slowed down a bit and that we could already make a run for the car. So we ran.

The rain was actually still pretty hard so we got soaked. When we got inside the car, we checked the brown bags we were holding and they were also wet. Jose asked if I got my feet wet so I looked down to check. As I did, Jose ran his hand from my face up to my head wiping all the rain water. He then squeezed my cheeks and turned my head to face him then kissed me. I was looking at him (because he was still holding my face towards him) when he said, "Bakit ba ang kulit mo?" then laughed. Before I could answer, he followed his question up with, "Ang kulit mo talaga!" He laughed again so I laughed, too. We laughed for a little while more then we headed out of the parking lot. Next thing I know, we were talking about how foggy the tiny parking lot tollbooth was from the air conditioning. Then that was it.

It's sad that I can't remember all the little moments that happen between Jose and I like the one tonight. I know this moment has no real significance in our lives. It won't affect any of the bigger pieces of the puzzle down the road. But I'd really like to be able to give specific examples when I tell people that I find Jose kind, or adorable, or funny. Not just Jose actually, any person in my life!

I figured that we don't usually remember the specific events that lead us to our overall impression of people. We just remember that someone is funny or smart without remembering the day that person said the joke or that person shared some cool trivia. I know the brain has to free up space to store more important things but still, I'd like to find a way to be able to look back at these passing moments. It's a good thing my blog is here to help me with just that.

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