About The Blog

Dear Reader,

Allow me to explain the meaning behind the name.

In my quest to blogger stardom, I reinvented my blog so I could have a theme or format (I changed it from www.andypendent.blogspot.com to www.storiesandtheories.blogspot.com). From the day I changed my blog's name, I included either STORY or THEORY in every post title. But what does this mean? I have 2 major categories for all entries. I file a post under STORY if it deals with something that happened during my day (or night or afternoon). Basically this is my life, what I go through and how I feel about it. I file a post under THEORY if it deals with something abstract. Basically these are my thoughts, how I see the world, what I hate about it, what I love about it and how I want it to be.

Besides the STORY & THEORY categories, I also label each post according to content. You could find this in the "TOPICS" list in the sidebar where all the categories are listed.

I'm pretty sure changing my blog's name won't get me famous (at least right away), but at the very least, it keeps my online life organized. :) Cheers to that!

Until the next story & theory,