The Blogger

As tempted as I am to post my recent picture instead of this super siopao face of mine from yesteryears, the word "recent" will require me to keep updating my photo. So, to skip the hassle of that, let's just settle with this photo set, okay? :)

Hi there, 

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that you're here, at this very page, reading words I wrote down. Wait, I don't think I started this letter right. I'm sounding too desperate, I need to be a little more mysterious, cooler... Let's start over.

Hi there, 

Nice of you to drop by. Thanks.

I'm sounding too snobbish now, huh? Let's try this one more time. 

Hi there, 

I'm Andy. I made this blog so I can write as much of my stories and thoughts that I can. I want to keep track off all these things happening inside and outside my head because things happen so fast, and things change even more quickly. I want to remember all the times I said I hated Selena Gomez, but a few posts later would blog about singing to one of her songs. I want to reminisce about my graduation day and all the feelings I had that time. I want to write to my future children while I still look at life as a child myself and be able to reread my thoughts years from now. I want to remember the time I cried over doing nothing and the time I cried over too much work. I want to keep track of all these crazy, happy, depressing, inspiring, funny, unbelievable, exciting experiences and I want, even more, to share it with you.

So before you join me in my blogging journey (with a few grammar lessons learned along the way), let me share a few random facts about me, just so you know what you are getting yourself into.

  • I love Disney. I love the shows, the characters, the idea! Heck, I even dressed up as Lizzie McGuire during yearbook creative photo. And yearbook photos are forever! I'm that intense about Disney.
  • I don't eat a lot of food (by choice, no allergies here!) - crab, shrimp, lobster, mussel, caramel, mushrooms, okra, tofu, garlic, doughnuts with filling, fruit flavored ice cream, Royal softdrink, chicken breast, etc.
  • But, I am very easy to feed! Give me meat and lots of eggs and I'm happy. And I'm serious 'bout the eggs. I can have eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a number of days straight and not complain. If only it won't kill me...
  • I love baby powder. I can't function properly if I don't have baby powder on me after I shower.
  • I can't perform to save my life. I can fake it, though. Most times I joke about "being bad" at singing, dancing or acting so people think I'm intentionally "being bad" at those things, but truth is, what they're seeing is as good as it's gonna get.
  • I have this weird fascination and loyalty for ex-Disney girls who turned dark post-Disney days (see Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan)
  • I love watching TV and movies. I'm not the artsy type who watches those deep, oh-my-god-that-was-so-inspiring movies (although I do, if I catch one). I just watch whatever makes me feel good (see romcoms, sitcoms, occassionally, inspiring drama like 7th Heaven) and when I like a show, I obsess over it. That said, I hate horror films. Absolutely hate them!
  • I am not a fan of theme parks except if it's Disneyland. I don't enjoy roller coasters, ferris wheels and the idea of falling in line just to scare yourself to death. 
  • My hair is my biggest frustration. There are days when I would just stare at it and feel bad about myself and there are days when I get creative and figure out something to tame it enough to head out. 
  • I enjoy editing photos and videos, writing, doodling and working on crafty projects for my siblings' school assignments
  • I don't know how to walk in high heels, but I wish I could
  • I believe in gender equality and I am very passionate about it. So if you don't have at least an hour to discuss, just don't bring it up
  • I am a random thinker. I like to jot down my out of place thoughts immediately because they disappear as quick as they came. 
  • I like to believe I'm funny. Now, laugh.

I guess this would be enough for an introduction, huh? Now that you know who and what you are dealing with, read through the blog with caution. I won't be responsible for any crazy effects my crazy blog has on you.

Heyyyy, wait! Don't run away. Come back here, don't be scared. I promise I'll be nice.

Darn. I'm sounding desperate again. Let' try this one more time.

Ugh. Never mind.

Until my next story or theory,